12 Great Tips to Organize The Space in The Small House

Nowadays having a small house has become a lifestyle. But the problem is how to organize the small house into a comfortable home and able to meet the needs of space and rest for occupants activity. Many interior designers reveal the secrets of arranging a simple but elegant home, from adding certain décor to painting the strategic points of the house. trick simple but elegant home tricks that will definitely benefit you! not always a tiny house to be semitic or even dull. But the dwelling is a matter of how you give thanks to Allah. no matter how small it remains is a gift that can not be left in the side of your life. You can gather in it with your family, chatting with relatives, or even pouring the whole idea of designing a home for your hobbies

Organizing a small house can be a challenge in itself because the number and area of the room may not be in accordance with the needs you have. This resulted in the small size of the existing space in a tiny house. Then, how to make these cramped rooms, surely your little house remains functional and comfortable to live in?

Let’s see.

1. Mixing styles

Mixing Style
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Many think that minimalist style is a solution when setting up a small house. This is often interpreted, minimalist style means to reduce furniture and ornaments to the maximum, which takes up space.

However, in order to look stylish we can mix it with other styles that will slightly entertain the environment. If you just put the sofa and coffee table in the living room, the room may be too cold and unfriendly. Take color and texture into the room through pillows, carpets, blankets, pictures, etc.

2. Furniture

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Often what we do for a small space is to buy furniture of standard size and try to adjust it to space. But we forget that there are professionals who are dedicated to designing and making furniture that can adapt to the wall that will make the space look relieved as well as functional.

As mentioned earlier, furniture is one factor that can make the room in a tiny house feels small, narrow, and crowded. Another option besides choosing furniture with transparent and reflective materials is to use compact furnishings that have multiple functions.

3. Partition to divide space

Partition Space
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A good choice to separate in-house activities involves the integration of lightweight vertical structures that separate virtual or material spaces without robbing floor space. This solution has the advantage of being able to create two different environments – one on each side of the partition.

4. Choosing an attic style

Attic Style
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Think of your house as an attic and separate the room only with furniture, taking advantage of the height to create additional splits. You can also enjoy the texture of building materials, such as bricks, and lend an industrial style to this area.

5. Not integrating television functionally

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We almost always put the television on the furniture, but given the technology now is a very thin and lightweight screen, we can install it on the dividing wall between the living room and dining room, above the fireplace or in a rotating system that serves two areas.

6. Anomaly Pack

anomaly pack
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Given that we can not afford to install many cabinets of length and width in a narrow space, a good choice is to create a platform in the room and use it to place a drawer, as shown in the picture. Consider also how to bike storage.

7. Curtains to split

curtains small room
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Instead of using fixed partitions – from wood, steel or other solid materials – you can use curtains. Look for nice fabrics with beautiful prints and choose the style that best suits your space.

If you want the curtain to create privacy, choose a heavier cloth. But if you just want to decorate and split the space virtually, the lightest fabrics show the most.

8. Integrate space with creativity

integrated small room
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When the living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space, we tend to divide each area with fake furniture and walls that limit light and visibility.

Alternatively, try integrating this area, using the same style of furniture, the same color palette and blending the furniture. This will make the space look unique, larger and more harmonious.

9. Enjoy the white and natural light

white natural light
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Natural light is the best source for home lighting. It is ideal for viewing and creating a cool and comfortable environment without having to use artificial light.

And when it comes to lighting, it will be related to the openings in the tiny house. Maximize the existing window in a tiny house or use a door that has glass so light can still go into the tiny house when the door is closed.

Take advantage of the natural light that enters your home, using lighter colors on the walls and ceilings, you’ll be amazed at the results.

10. Enjoy the altitude

Enjoy altitude
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To maximize the small but high space, you can build multifunctional structures such as cabinets and study areas and put up beds on it.

11. Benefits of space angle

solid compact space
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Any empty space – either at the bottom of the stairs, at the top of the kitchen, under the bathroom toilet, can be reserved to maximize usability in the home.

12. Folding furniture to save space

Folding furniture
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We ended up with folding furniture that was little used but very functional features. If your apartment is a studio type, with only one room, you can have a sofa, coffee table, TV area, office, bookcase, bed and drawers. At night, the sofa disappears and the bed appears in the open.

Having a small house is not always a nightmare, is it? By understanding the correct way of organizing a small house, every space you have certainly will not be less comfortable than the big house, majestic, and luxurious. All the above tricks can not only be done at any time, but also do not need to drain your pocket until dry. In addition, the appropriate furniture and decorations also affect. If you like this article, do not forget to share and check other interesting articles!