30+ How To Decorate The Kitchen Properly And Correctly

Currently industrial design is very much in demand. Usually industrial design is used in decoration of old buildings and loft such as houses, shops, apartments, bars and others. The design is very specific because you have to use rough materials and old furniture. Industrial design is reminiscent of low light and cold space with lots of old metal and wood, but that’s not the design of the industry. By putting a little color the room can look very stylish and warm. If you want to create an industrial atmosphere you can leave some unfinished walls like still a brick. The most widely used materials in industrial design are concrete, metal and wood. These materials interact well with each other differently. We find a kitchen with a beautiful industrial design that you will love, especially if you are currently studying for an industrial design degree.

If there is a design that has a coarse, subtle concept and both, then it is definitely an industrial style. What started out as an efficient work environment decades ago soon turned into a different style that made its way slowly from functional loft houses to spacious villas and contemporary penthouses. Cross-generational cuts, this is a trend that never seems to subside and continues to be sought after by many people. And there are some places in the house that are as easy to style as the kitchen. If you have not tried it, 2018 is a good time to switch to an industrial-style kitchen. And we have 30 more stunning industrial-style kitchen designs to inspire you along the way. While some combine contemporary aesthetics with industrial elements, others stick to the classic designs that are inspired by the attic. Here is a design that I will show you.

Industrial design kitchen Products

industrial design kitchen products
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Kitchen equipment is the most important thing to have in a kitchen, therefore I provide a design for you to put kitchen utensils that need to be stored. The picture above is a tool for cooking in your kitchen.

Industrial design kitchen Decor Styles

industrial design kitchen decor styles
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The picture above is an example of kitchen design and how to decorate it as best as possible. The design is intended for those of you who have room big enough for your kitchen, a place to put a dining table, a cooking area, and a sink. The concept is still the same, namely the theme of vintage, because the design industry is always vintage concept.

Industrial design kitchen Cabinets

industrial design kitchen cabinets
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Well, for this design drawing is a cupboard to store dishes, bowls, glass or other kitchen equipment. The design of the picture also shows how to set up the correct and good wardrobe, to save space. You can also put a coffee maker and an oven there.

Industrial design kitchen Bar

industrial design kitchen bar
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For the picture above is a kitchen design with a bar concept. Lots of people who are looking for unique designs of this one, because the design of the concept bar and the theme of vintage is the main attraction. Not infrequently also many people who use designs like this for the kitchen, you also have to try this one design.

Industrial design kitchen Modern

industrial design kitchen modern
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The picture above is a modern kitchen design with vintage theme, which is wooden floor, wooden table, and wooden chair. Usually this modern kitchen design is often used in the villas on the hill. You can also put the sink, stove, oven, and even you can also eat directly in the kitchen because there are already chairs and tables.

Industrial design kitchen Table

industrial design kitchen table
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The picture above is a modern kitchen design concept as well, but I am not talking about the design of the kitchen at this time. In this one design, I will talk about the design of the desk. Quite unique too, you can cook at once eat directly at this dining table. Already provided chairs and tables ready for use.

Industrial design kitchen Island

industrial design kitchen island
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Well, this one picture is a kitchen design used in a house or villa on an island. This kitchen has a very modern design, a table and cupboard used for cooking. There is a stove, sink, place plate and others. There is also a window or you can also replace it with a door that is located next to the kitchen directly out of the house. Beautiful is not it.

Industrial design kitchen DIY

industrial design kitchen DIY
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The picture above is a homemade kitchen design without any examples from anywhere, or can be spelled out creativity yourself. This kitchen has a vintage theme, with a fairly small room concept. Near the kitchen there is also a dining room for your family.

Industrial design kitchen Bathroom

industrial design kitchen bathroom
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The picture referred to above is not like the kitchen in the bathroom, but the design of a kitchen that resembles the bathroom design. Like the faucet, the wall, the sink, and also the mirror. But its function remains like a kitchen for cooking, not for bathing. You can also try it in your home.

Industrial design kitchen Small

industrial design kitchen small
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The picture above is a design for the kitchen with a room that is quite small or minimalist. If you have a house that is not big and want to have a kitchen design with the best concept, the design that I provide this may be suitable for you to use.

Industrial design kitchen Rustic

industrial design kitchen rustic
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The picture above is a design for the kitchen with the theme of vintage. Usually this kind of kitchen design is used by people who do not like the luxury, but the importance of quality. The concept is rustic, with wooden floors, rough wooden tables and wooden chairs. You can try it in your home.

Industrial design kitchen Exposed Brick

industrial design kitchen exsposed brick
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The picture above is a design of the kitchen with vintage theme as well. Like a wall that is still a brick, wood floors, wooden tables and wooden chairs. Quite comfortable and safe, perfect for you to use this design in your home.

Industrial design kitchen White

industrial design kitchen white
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Design of this one kitchen has a theme with white walls and floors. If dibadingkan with a dark kitchen, this one is more desirable design. Because the dark kitchen design is more creepy, than the light. You can also apply it in your home kitchen.

Industrial design kitchen Appliances

industrial design kitchen appliances
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The picture above is a design where to put the kitchen equipment. Such as pots, pans, dishes, bowls, glasses, and others. Storage place made of iron that can not rust, to be more durable. So is the equipment.

Industrial design kitchen Open Plan

industrial design kitchen open plan
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Well, this one image is a kitchen design with an open concept. Like there is a dining room in the kitchen, sofa kitchen, and open concept of the kitchen is in the yard or also outside the home. You can apply it in your home.

Industrial design kitchen Concrete Countertops

industrial design kitchen concrete countertops
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The picture above is a kitchen table design made of concrete. Because kitchen tables made of concrete are stronger and more durable, than those made of iron. The color also adjust the color of the kitchen itself to make it more interesting.

Industrial design kitchen Restaurants

industrial design kitchen restaurants
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Well, the above picture is the design of the kitchen in the restaurant with the theme of vintage and also a mix of bar concept. Actually this is a unique restaurant kitchen, if you have a restaurant please apply this design in your restaurant.

Industrial design kitchen Steel Doors

industrial design kitchen steel doors
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This time I’m not talking about decorating the kitchen, but a door for furniture in the kitchen like a closet, a desk, or something else. The material is made of steel, to resist fire and not easily corroded.

Industrial design kitchen Simple

industrial design kitchen simple
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The picture above is a simple design from the kitchen. If you do not want your kitchen to be strangely designed, I also have a very simple design for your kitchen. Please apply it in your home kitchen.

Industrial design kitchen Lighting Ideas

industrial design kitchen lighting ideas
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Well, as you know that the kitchen also requires design for lights. The picture above is the design of my lamp that can be applied to the kitchen. The material is quite easy to get, you just need an unused skate board, and also the unused iron pipe. And most important are some lights to illuminate.

Industrial design kitchen Sink

industrial design kitchen sink
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The picture above is a design for your sink in the kitchen. A good sink is made of ceramic and aluminum, because it is not flammable and easy to clean. In that design, I give a way to put the sink properly and well.

Industrial design kitchen Butcher Blocks

industrial design kitchen butcher blocks
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The picture above shows a base for cutting the meat There are concrete shelves. A suitable pad for meat memotoh is not a table, but a base made of thick wood, because it will reduce the damage to your table.

Industrial design kitchen Fixer Upper

industrial design kitchen fixer upper
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For the picture above do not talk about the upper fixer, but I will talk about the chimney in the kitchen. Use it to smear the smoke when you cook so as not to damage the walls and fill the kitchen with smoke.

Industrial design kitchen House

industrial design kitchen house
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The picture above is a design for the kitchen that is in your home. Inside the kitchen, there is also a place to eat with family. Places to eat in the kitchen is more effective than a dining place away from the kitchen. Please apply it to your home.

Industrial design kitchen Apartment Therapy

industrial design kitchen apartment therapy
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Why is the picture above said to be a therapeutic apartment ?. Due to the location of his apartment located on the top floor, which can immediately see the landscape of almost the whole city clearly. This time I gave the kitchen design which was in the top floor apartment, with the window directly facing out.

Industrial design kitchen Basements

industrial design kitchen basements
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To design this one kitchen, placed in a basement. The kitchen is in the basement is more comfortable and safe. The concept is very closed, because it is in the basement. You can also apply it in your home.

Industrial design kitchen Hoods

industrial design kitchen hoods
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What is meant above design drawings are the design of a cupboard and chimney into one above a stove. this design is very save space, you can apply it also in your home.

Industrial design kitchen Wire Baskets

industrial design kitchen wire baskets
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Placing a basket in the kitchen is very important, because it is very necessary to put the ingredients for cooking or also others. Creative enough also when putting the basket in the kitchen, because it is also very necessary.

Industrial design kitchen Shelf Brackets

industrial design kitchen shelf brackets
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As the design you see above is a design for food storage space. Can be regarded as a food trim. But what is stored is only food ingredients that can last long, like spices cook. The place is quite minimalist, just need a shelf to put it.

Industrial design kitchen Stairs

industrial design kitchen stairs
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This one design is very easy for you. How not, with the kitchen design that is near the stairs. If your room is above, then you want to go down to take food so not far and very close.

Industrial design kitchen Garage

industrial design kitchen garage
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Not all kitchens are used for cooking, there is also a kitchen where workshop items. Like this one design, if you are a workshop expert and want to have your own workshop kitchen, then I have the solution. Above is a design for kitchen equipment workshop.

Industrial design kitchen Bookshelves

industrial design kitchen bookshelves
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Apparently the bookshelf is not only used for storing books, but can switch functions if the shelf is in the kitchen. Yes, this bookshelf you can use as a place to store glasses, dishes, bowls, seasonings and other dishes. Not creative enough.

Industrial design kitchen Creative

industrial design kitchen creative
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For the design of this one is in need of a high creativity. Because with creativity, you can produce a work of high value as well. Like the kitchen design that I give above, very have high creativity. Like his unused pear seat. You can also apply it in your kitchen.

Industrial design kitchen Corrugated

industrial design kitchen corrugated
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Not only chairs, tables, floors, kitchen utensils and walls are noticed in the design of the kitchen. But also the roof of a kitchen should also be considered. This time I provide a corrugated kitchen roof design and also made of thick aluminum. This kitchen will be a vintage theme when you use the design I provide.

Industrial design kitchen Window Wall

industrial design kitchen window wall
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Well, this one design is highly anticipated home decorating enthusiasts. The design of the kitchen wall that is entirely windows makes the atmosphere in the kitchen to be cool, beautiful and fresh. Very spoil your eyes. Imagine when you wake up in the morning to cook, immediately given the natural atmosphere that is in your home garden.

Industrial design kitchen Paint Colors

industrial design kitchen paint colors
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industrial design kitchen paint colors2
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I’ve been talking about kitchen design and decoration, this time I’ll talk about the color of the walls in the kitchen. Actually the wall color in the kitchen was according to his own desire, but I just provide an example for you. Excessive kitchen wall color will reduce the quality, you should color it with natural color only, or you can also let your kitchen wall is still a brick like the picture above.

Industrial design kitchen Mason Jars

industrial design kitchen mason jars
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industrial design kitchen mason jars2
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This time I will tell you how to use unused glass jars to make it more useful. You can use glass jars that are not used as a protector of lights in your kitchen, or you can also use it as a place to store kitchen spices.

Industrial design kitchen Plants

industrial design kitchen plants
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industrial design kitchen plants
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In order for your kitchen feels more cool and fresh, you can also add a living plant in your kitchen. As long as the plant is in the pot, and does not have many parasitic animals. You can put it on or below.

Industrial design kitchen Butler Pantry

industrial design kitchen butler pantry
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industrial design kitchen butler pantry2
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If you are confused to put the kitchen ingredients, such as kitchen spices, cooking ingredients. So I have the solution, like the picture above. Design a storage area as before, but the design of this one room is also able to store food that has been cooked.

Industrial design kitchen Taps

industrial design kitchen taps
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industrial design kitchen taps2
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Here I give some information about how to choose a good water faucet and how to put the water tap well and correctly. A good water faucet is made of copper or other materials that are not easily rusted and strong. How to place it, you can menempakan at the end of the sink or can also be in the middle of the top of the sink.

Industrial design kitchen Bar Top

industrial design kitchen bar top
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Well, this one design is the kitchen design of a bar. But I’m talking about the roof of the bar. A good bar is vintage-themed, so the roof is made of fine hardwood and is nice given the hanging lights.

Industrial design kitchen Hooks

industrial design kitchen hooks
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industrial design kitchen hooks2
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For the latter I provide how to put the equipment properly and correctly. Namely using a strong hanger to hold pots, pans, and others. Usually affixed to a wooden shelf or cabinet.


Well, so many articles this time about kitchen design themed industry. Look forward to the next articles that are more useful and interesting. Thank you for reading this article, may be useful for you and me.