30+ Industrial Design From Own Idea

You may wonder what style of industry for interior decoration. This is a fairly popular trend that is inspired by old factories and industrial spaces. It was born because more and more old warehouses, barns, churches, and industrial buildings were converted into family rooms in recent years. This style is characterized by utilitarian surfaces, stripped architecture and salvaged objects. Almost in every industrial interior you will find rotten wooden surfaces, exposed bricks, bare concrete elements, iron pipes and so on. The best thing about it is that during the renovation process you can leave some unfinished surfaces and they can be an interesting decorating element.

Currently you can buy industrial furnitrue from many manufactures. It is usually decorated by rustic aesthetics and has a rugged mechanical part, a strong angle and a bold look. Although when you choose a piece of industry for your interior, do not hesitate to go vintage as well. You can renovate many items from flea markets or even DIY furniture, lamps and accessories are different from the beginning. Before working on an interior design project, it is important to draw some inspiration for your future space. As fans break the conventional rules and mix the various design schools together, you’ll see that, although the examples below are undeniably modern industrialized, they have a medieval or boho modern element introduced in the overall design. 

With the style of the large and spacious interior industry usually comes in mind. That’s why it makes sense to look for an open floor plan if you choose it for your interior. It works well in attics and studios. You can also leave the infrastructure open because it works for this style well. Embrace the rudeness and enjoy all the fabulous interiors we’ve collected here to give you an idea of ​​your industry-style renovation. Here is an industrial design that comes from its own idea.

Industrial design ideas Projects

industrial design ideas projects
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As you know, that shelves are mostly made of wood. However this time I gave a shelf decorated with a lot of baskets from wire to put a lot of stuff. Its function is that goods that can not stand upright can also be placed on the shelf, and will not easily fall. The shelf material itself is made of wood, pipe, and wire basket placed on each shelf.

Industrial design ideas Inspiration

industrial design ideas inspiration
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Next is a bathroom design inspired by a vintage theme. This bathroom applies a vintage theme, because the theme of vintage is very popular today. With walls made of wood, brick walls, simple yellow lights and protected with a wire. This is a special attraction, and makes users comfortable. You can try to apply it in your home, because the design decoration is quite easy.

Industrial design ideas Creative

industrial design ideas creative
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The design of these chairs and tables is the result of the idea of ​​oneself. Chairs are incorporated with a wooden table is very save space and do not bother when put it. With a strong iron tank for the buffer, making the table and chair more attractive to try and imitate

Industrial design ideas Art

industrial design ideas art
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A lamp is not only round, oval or elongated. But there is also a lamp form of an artist who is round but hollow like a takraw ball made of rattan. But this lamp is made entirely of lamps and wood. It’s just putting it not hanging or on the table, but rather stick to the wall made of wood or also others.

Industrial design ideas Clock

industrial design ideas clock
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Wall clock is needed almost all homeowners. Because the clock is the only tool that shows the time. Without clock, we will not know the time precisely and accurately. Most hours are made of wood, plastic, rich and iron. Not with this one clock, this one wall clock is made of a circular wooden board and coupled with a number cut made of plate.

Industrial design ideas Decor Styles

industrial design ideas decor styles
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If you have a house big enough, I give an example of home decorating design as good as possible. With a vintage theme, make your home interesting and pleasing to the eye. Quite comfortable and warm, because the material itself is mostly made of wood. Like tables, chairs, floors, stairs, walls, and roof. The lamp was not using a white color, but yellow berekara to impress warmer.

Industrial design ideas Modern

industrial design ideas modern
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Not only the vintage and rustic themes alone, this time I also give you a modern home design that comes from your own idea. Like the picture above, the design of a kitchen with white and table made of concrete and chairs made of plastic and iron. And there’s also a ladder leading upstairs, made of concrete lined with wood.

Industrial design ideas Building

industrial design ideas building
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If you have a house that has just been built and confused to decorate it, this time I give a design of luxury buildings. This design uses a large enough space as a place to receive guests, a place to relax, and a gathering place with family. So you do not have to divide some room to make as family room and so on. Quite just one big room only.

Industrial design ideas Bar

industrial design ideas bar
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A bar is a place for a drink that is very popular with westerners. Because by drinking alcohol, will make her body warm. However I will talk about the design of a bar, which is where the design is made when an idea arises from the brain. Well, this one bar design themed vintage, which is almost all made of wood

Industrial design ideas Awesome

industrial design ideas awesome
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An amazing idea may often pop into your head, therefore I am currently delivering an amazing design that emerges from my head. That is an interior design office that is very neat and easy to apply. The design of this vintage-themed office, with a work table lined up like an internet café. With the added stairs to the top floor beside the workplace. Floors of wood, lamps hanging on the roof, walls of wood, and almost all made of wood

Industrial design ideas DIY Shelving

industrial design ideas DIY shelving
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Maybe you’ve heard the word DIY before. Yes, DIY is Do It Yourself, which is a work of the result of creativity itself without imitating from others. Well, this time I give a self-made shelf design with creativity that has no limit. This shelf is made of solid wood, and it sticks to the wall. Suitable for placing vases, books, ornaments or other ceramics

Industrial design ideas Shipping Containers

industrial design ideas shipping containers
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Not only houses and offices are currently using container shippers, but many cafes, restaurants and others are also using this shipping container. If you own a cafe business or something, and do not want to build with a brick or something, please try this one idea.

Industrial design ideas Boy Rooms

industrial design ideas boy rooms
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The rooms are not male very different from the female bedrooms. If the female bedroom is filled with dolls, bright colors, and all that smells of women. Not with a men’s bedroom, this room will be filled with posters on the wall and have darker room colors.

Industrial design ideas Beds

industrial design ideas beds
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The design of this one bed includes a very unique idea. Because the bed is only one and is very far from the floor. Even the bed was made of wood, and supported with steel underneath. With the added floor lined with a fine carpet, make this room very unique.

Industrial design ideas Bedroom

industrial design ideas bedroom
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Well, this one room design is not inferior to other designs. This room applies a vintage theme, with wooden walls, brick walls, wooden floors, wooden cabinets, and wooden tables. The color is still natural that comes from the wood itself, it’s just dark brown.

Industrial design ideas Stairs

industrial design ideas stairs
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A unique ladder design of this one is made of sturdy concrete. The shape was wrapped upward, unlike the stairs of the house that is usually only straight. This ladder design is perfect for you who want to make a simple staircase in your home.

Industrial design ideas Rugs

industrial design ideas rugs
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Vintage-themed homes not only make the flooring only wood-lined, lots of homes whose floors are made of wood and coated again with fine, soft, and comfortable rugs. So that the items on it do not damage or scratch the wooden floor underneath.

Industrial design ideas Apartment Therapy

industrial design ideas apartment therapy
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A lot of people from the top who want to buy an apartment on the top floor. Because, the apartment at the top has a very beautiful and stunning scenery. Suitable for a place to relax while being tired to work continuously. You can also add potted plants to add freshness in the room.

Industrial design ideas Small Kitchens

industrial design ideas small kitchens
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Not only the design of the room, living room, living room, and workspace I discussed this time. I will also discuss a kitchen design with minimalist space. Kitchen design above you can apply if you only have enough small space for the kitchen.

Industrial design ideas Staircases

industrial design ideas staircases
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Design of this one ladder is quite unique, nice, and beautiful. Rarely are people who use this design, because the design is quite complicated. Even the staircase is a small hole in each step ladder. Suitable for you who have a high-rise and not high-rise.

Industrial design ideas Shower Doors

industrial design ideas shower doors
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This time I give a bathroom door design that uses shower. Lots of bathroom showers that use the curtains as the door. To be easier to open and do not bother to install the door again in the bathroom.

Industrial design ideas Bachelor Pads

industrial design ideas bachelor pads
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Many men are very old and have no wife. Therefore, I provide a bedroom design for you who do not have a wife. With a vintage-themed design, a sofa for relaxing and work space in your bedroom.

Industrial design ideas Chalkboard

industrial design ideas chalkboard
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Nowadays there are so many cafes, restaurants, and even hangout places on board and give them beautiful writing and pictures to decorate the walls. The goal is that many young people who want to visit, take pictures and buy food or drinks in place.

Industrial design ideas Fixer Upper

industrial design ideas fixer upper
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Lots of roof buffers that begin to porous and no longer support the roof, therefore I give an idea so that the roof of your house can still be supported. That is to give him additional wood, for the wood buffer stronger and can support the roof of your house.

Industrial design ideas Fans

industrial design ideas fans
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This old fan design is perfect for display in the living room or other room as you see fit. By displaying an antiques, it will give an interesting impression on the room.

Industrial design ideas Wire Baskets

industrial design ideas wire baskets
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If you have many unused wire baskets, you should use them as a lamp shield on your roof. This one way is quite creative, because you take advantage of objects that are not used anymore.

Industrial design ideas Sofa Tables

industrial design ideas sofa tables
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The combined design between the sofa and the table is very profitable, because a lot of people complain while watching tv and bingin put drinks and food where. With a wooden table that can be attached to dope, you are more likely to also place drinks, food, or other items.

Industrial design ideas Closet

industrial design ideas closet
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This one hanger is suitable for use inside the house or outside the house. Because the hanger is designed to stick to the wall. Then you can also use it as clothes clothes outside your home. The material is also easy to obtain Sangta, iron pipes and wood planks only.

Industrial design ideas Metal Pipe

industrial design ideas metal pipe
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This one idea is very easy to apply, because it only makes a table and a wooden chair with a buffer made of metal pipe. Useful for stronger and longer lasting, suitable for you who have a simple cafe.

Industrial design ideas Counter Tops

industrial design ideas counter tops
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Not all table tops are made of glass or iron, as many table tops use wood. And there is also a sink that uses wood as its base. It is easier to clean and durable.

Industrial design ideas Ladder

industrial design ideas ladder
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industrial design ideas ladder2
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A staircase design is very unique. The ladder to climb into this bed is mostly made of wood, so as not to easily hurt the owner. And also the wood is not easily crushed or broken.

Industrial design ideas Restoration Hardware

industrial design ideas restoration hardware
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This one I am not so sure you like, but I will try to describe it according to my knowledge. This one design applies a hardware theme, such as a machine or the like as an additional material in the design.

Industrial design ideas Coat Racks

industrial design ideas coat racks
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industrial design ideas coat racks2
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Well, for this one design is a hanger for a jacket and matel. Because the hanger is made of strong iron to accommodate the number of jackets and coats. You can stick the hangers on the wall, or can also make buffer like the design that I give above.

Industrial design ideas Accents Walls

industrial design ideas accents walls
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industrial design ideas accents walls2
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The design of this wall is not smoothed, not even painted. Because the design of this one wall is left made of natural materials. Like the brick walls and wooden walls above. Because the design gives a beautiful impression to its walls.

Industrial design ideas Curtain Rods

industrial design ideas curtain rods
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industrial design ideas curtain rods2
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Surely many of you are looking for a design to support the curtains. Various curtain buffers, ranging from small long beams, small long tubes, and elongated triangles. Quite varied and unique, so it’s up to you to use which one.

Industrial design ideas Fun

industrial design ideas fun
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industrial design ideas fun2
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The idea of ​​making the lamp above is quite unique, you can make it to display wherever you want. Lots of ideas for making unique lights, like the one I mentioned above. If you like, please follow the example of the lamp design I gave above.

Industrial design ideas Color Palettes

industrial design ideas color palettes
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industrial design ideas color palettes2
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Lots of wall houses today that use the color of wood as the color of the walls. Because the color of wood has a more interesting and beautiful impression. Many also colored brown stone walls are dark brown wood.

Industrial design ideas Dream Homes

industrial design ideas dream homes
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industrial design ideas dream homes2
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industrial design ideas dream homes3
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industrial design ideas dream homes4
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Many of you may all have dreamed of having a dream home that is very luxurious instead. But the house you have is a simple house. Do not worry, I will give a simple home design that will be converted into a luxury house like the picture above. You can apply it to your home.

A few articles from me about industrial design that comes from the idea itself. Hopefully useful for you and me.