30+ The Best House Design Ever

Industrial design is a design process applied to products to be produced through mass production techniques. The key feature is the separate design of the creation, the creative action to determine and determine the shape and features of the product to occur before the physical action of making the product, which consists of replicate replication, is often automatic. It distinguishes industrial design from craft-based design, where the shape of the product is determined by the product creator at the time of manufacture. 

All manufacturing products are the result of the design process, but the nature of this process can take many forms, can be done by individuals or large teams; it can emphasize intuitive creativity or calculated scientific decision-making, and often emphasize both at the same time, and can be influenced by various factors such as materials, production processes, business strategies and social, commercial or aesthetic behaviors. The industrial designer’s role is to create and implement design solutions for form, function, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand building, sustainability, and sales issues. 

Industrial design studies the functions and forms-and relationships between products, users, and the environment. Generally, industry design professionals work in small-scale designs, rather than the overall design of complex systems such as buildings or ships. Industrial designers typically do not design motors, electric circuits, or gearing that make machines move, but can affect the technical aspects through usability and shape design. Typically, they work with other professionals like engineers who design the mechanical aspects of a product that ensures functionality and manufacturing capabilities, and with marketers to identify and meet customer needs and expectations. Here is the best 30+ home designs ever.

Industrial design house Exterior

industrial design house exterior
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As you know, that home design is a much-needed thing when going to build a house. Without a design, the house will mean nothing. Even without design too, the house will not stand firm and will not look beautiful. Well, the design of the house above is a house design that is shaped like a building. With walls, doors, and windows lined with wood. This house is designed on a sloping place, like an uphill road.

Industrial design house Architecture

industrial design house architecture
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Lots of houses that are not designed by an architect, therefore many houses that look not organized neatly. This time I gave a design house, which has been specially designed by an architect. A beam-shaped house, with 3 floors.

Industrial design house Kitchens

industrial design house kitchens
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Hearing a house word, did not escape the word kitchen. Not possible, if a house does not have a kitchen. Kitchen is indispensable at home, because the kitchen is the only place to cook. It is impossible to cook in the bedroom or in the living room. Like the above design, kitchen design is located at the end of the house and close to the plantation or home page. The goal for the kitchen looks fresh and feels cool if in the morning.

Industrial design house Exposed Brick

industrial design house exposed brick
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A house design, with walls still in the form of bricks. Today, there are so many people who do not color the walls. Like letting it remain a brick deliberately, its purpose to be the main attraction. Such designs make the house warm and comfortable. Enclosed with stairs, wooden tables and chairs, and wooden floors covered with rugs.

Industrial design house Window

industrial design house window
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A window is a breathing apparatus for a home. Therefore, windows should be designed as well and as good as possible to keep the house fresh and not feel stuffy. To design this one window, the design with a large shape and attached to the wall. If you want to be cooler, install a window near the plantation or yard of a house that has many plants.

Industrial design house Ceiling

industrial design house ceiling
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Here is a house roof design that is given a drain. But the water channel was used again as a hanging plant. The point is that when it rains, the water will flow through the waterways and irrigate the plants. Such a design is suitable to be applied on the roof of the home page.

Industrial design house Stairs

industrial design house stairs
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Not all houses are always storied. Talking about a storied house, this time I gave a design ladder to go upstairs. This ladder is in design made of concrete, iron and glass. The first part of the stairs is made of concrete, while the advanced staircase is made of strong iron and thick glass.

Industrial design house Home Decor

industrial design house home decor
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Decorating a house as good as possible is a very popular thing for homeowners. Because home decorating is necessary, so that the house looks more unique and beautiful. If you have friends who will come to your home, then that person will be comfortable in the house.

Industrial design house DIY Project

industrial design house DIY project
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This time is the design of a towel rack that is made by hand alone. Through creativity, these towel racks become very unique and useful. The design is like a shelf, but the hole will hold the towel and toilet paper as well.

Industrial design house Rustic

industrial design house rustic
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Not everyone likes things that feel fine in the hands and skin. Many people also like to feel rough objects, such as tables, chairs, beds, and others. Like the above house design, which is designed with floor, walls, and a rough roof. Floors made of concrete, roofs made of wood, and also a brick wall.

Industrial design house Bedrooms

industrial design house bedrooms
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You may have thought, that the bedroom does not affect your health. It is a fatal thing, if the bedroom is not designed as well as possible, then it will greatly affect kesahatn yourself. Design a good bedroom that is like the description of the image that I show above. A bedroom with a large window behind it, and also a window above it. Coupled with a curtain to cover the window at night.

Industrial design house Living Spaces

industrial design house living spaces
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The living room is an indispensable space in a house, pointless as a place to receive your guests. If you are confused about designing a living room, I will give you an example. Like the picture above, the living room is designed to form the letter u, with the table in the middle and added a television on the living room wall. If the guest is bored, can watch television that is there.

Industrial design house Corrugated Metal

industrial design house corrugated metal
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Now what I will discuss is a roof of a house. Not all roofs are made of concrete, wood and iron. There is also a roof of a house made of corrugated metal, like the picture above. The goal is that during the night, the room remains warm, because the metal can store heat very long.

Industrial design house Awesome

industrial design house awesome
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Luxury homes are a dream of many people. If you have a simple house, I suggest to try this one house design. The goal is that your house looks like the luxury homes you dreamed of.

Industrial design house Desks

industrial design house desks
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Above is a table design made of wood, and the buffer is made of thick iron. Above the table were two small tables at the ends of a large table. Maybe this table can be used for you to eat, or also can be used for desk study.

Industrial design house Basements

industrial design house basements
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Not all homes have a basement. Because only the design of certain houses that can have a basement in it. Usually basements are used to store unused tools, but not with the designs I provide. The basement of this one in the design as good as possible to be made a special place family. With additional couches, tables and chairs, billiards, and more.

Industrial design house Islands

industrial design house islands
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Owning a house on a small island is also a dream of many people. However, the price to make a house on an island is very expensive, and the design of this one is intended for you who have a house on an island. This house is designed with the location that is on the cliff, with a view of a beach and a vast outdoor nature.

Industrial design house Shipping Containers

industrial design house shipping containers
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More and more homes are competing with very unique designs. Like a cube-shaped house, round, pyramid and so on. This time, I provide a home design made from shipping kointainer. Very unique is not it, please try it yourself.

Industrial design house Creative

industrial design house creative
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The design of this highly creative chair will be the main attraction. Because this chair in the design of a round shape, with a concave shape in the middle to sit. Inside the chair, given a lamp for the seat looks lit. And this chair is made of very strong wood.

Industrial design house Bar

industrial design house bar
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Kitchen design can be made of various shapes, such as kitchen design that I provide. The kitchen is in the decor as nice as possible, which resembles a bar. With wooden chairs and tables that resemble a bar, making this kitchen very comfortable and attractive.

Industrial design house Open Shelves

industrial design house open shelves
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Apparently not all shelves have a door to close it. There is also a shelf attached to walls and shelves that resemble cabinets as well. This time I give a wooden shelf design that attached to the wall. This rack does not have a door, so its function to save the home decorations that are not easily broken or damaged when it fell to the floor.

Industrial design house Concrete Walls

industrial design house concrete walls
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A wall will be sturdy when designed as well as possible. Like the house wall design I gave above, made of strong and durable concrete.

Industrial design house Simple

industrial design house simple
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If you have a house in the countryside, try to design a house like the one above. With this easy design, your home will look the nicest in the countryside.

Industrial design house Staircases

industrial design house staircases
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This time talk about the stairs on the house again. This ladder in the design is made of strong and durable concrete. This ladder is designed as best as possible, to be more secure when used homeowners.

Industrial design house Sinks

industrial design house sinks
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Water tap is needed in all homes, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, living room and others. This one is a suitable faucet design for you when washing dishes in the kitchen, because the tap water is a lot of water and very swift.

Industrial design house Fixer Upper

industrial design house fixer upper
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A rooftop hut made of wood is a major problem in the home. Because the wooden buffer is more porous and broken, that’s the most dangerous thing. But I have the solution, that is by giving additional wood to the buffer, to be stronger and longer lasting.

Industrial design house Wheels

industrial design house wheels
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Surely you are very tired if sitting in work chair constantly. I have a solution for you, to be more comfortable and feel at home for long sitting in work chair and work. That is by giving a wheel on the leg of the chair, in order to move anywhere and not cause boredom.

Industrial design house Bathroom

industrial design house bathroom
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Industrial design is not only used in certain parts of the house, but also can be applied to all parts of the house, including the bathroom. Bathroom will be more attractive if the design is like an industrial place. With wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden flooring, and natural colored walls.

Industrial design house Galvanized Pipe

industrial design house galvanized pipe
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This time it was a chair design made up of you, and his feet made of iron pipes. Very unique, because the seat legs are made of steel pipe that is not easily rusty, strong, and durable.

Industrial design house Texture

industrial design house texture
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Not all parts of the house have a soft texture, some are rough. Examples such as the above wall design is still a brick and still rough.

Industrial design house Doors

industrial design house doors
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This time I will provide a unique and interesting door design to apply. Yes, this sliding door is very rarely used. Because it takes a big hole for this door. How to open it is by sliding the door to the left or right.

Industrial design house Boy Rooms

industrial design house boy rooms
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Not only women who like to decorate his bedroom, men also happy to decorate his room. Such as giving a poster on the wall, the writings with the frame, pillow with writing, and others.

Industrial design house Building

industrial design house building
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The picture above is an example of an outdoor building design that resembles a tall building. With the walls that were given large windows, making the room in his house very bright.

Industrial design house Bachelor Pads

industrial design house bachelor pads
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This time is the design of a house specifically for a man who has not had a partner. With only one chair, the concept of the old house, and all men’s all.

Industrial design house Studios

industrial design house studios
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The studio is one of those very messy places. Because of this place, the workers are very busy to do a job very thoroughly and do not have time to merapkiannya. Therefore, I give a studio design that is very simple and easy to clean.

Industrial design house Apartment Therapy

industrial design house apartment therapy
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Therapeutic apartments are the main purpose of purchasing apartments today. Because this apartment has a view that is very beautiful and amazing. By giving the plants in the house, and the view outside the apartment is very beautiful.

Industrial design house Beds

industrial design house beds
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This time is a safe and comfortable bed design. With wood as a buffer bed, making the bed is not easy to fall, or broken the bottom. Coupled with a soft mattress and comfortable.

Industrial design house Lighting Ideas

industrial design house lighting ideas
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The design of this one lamp is very unique, made of iron pipe with two yellow lights to be lighting. The design of this lamp shaped like a fishing person. Matches placed on the desk, study table, or bedroom.

Industrial design house Mezzanine

industrial design house mezzanine
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This central loft is used as a bedroom without doors and windows. Maybe this bedroom is only used to relax when you’re tired, because this bedroom does not have a door to cover it.

A few articles about home design from me, may be useful for you and me. Thank you for reading this article, and do not forget to share this article if useful for you.