35+ Type of Industrial Design Loft You Need to Apply in Your Home

Everyone in his house must have loft that is no longer used space. The Loft is the room of the house that is at the top level of the house you have. Usually loft functioned as a warehouse to store some old stuff or goods that are not used anymore. But here I will give you a kind of industrial design loft that can be used for various rooms, such as bedroom, kitchen, family room, and much more.

In addition, here I will also give some sample images on each type that I discuss, it’s all done so that you can all apply easily what I give. In addition, in each picture, I also provide some descriptions and explanations so that you can easily understand it in rebuilding or rearranging unused loft space again. Therefore, I hope the industrial design loft that I provide this can be an inspiration and useful reference and useful for you all, especially those who have loft space in his house. Without preamble, I’ll just go over from “35+ Type of Industrial Design Loft You Need to Apply in Your Home”. “Lets Check This Out :)”

Industrial Design Loft Steel

industrial design loft steel
Courtesy of pinterest

In this one room, the loft can be used as a convenient workplace. With a table incorporated with stainless steel and wooden patterns, a swivel chair On the desk is a computer and several books. Beside the workplace there are cabinets and some shelves to store DVD Player and some videocassettes and music. On the side wall of the workplace, there is a large book-hanging rack.

Industrial Design Loft Architecture

industrial design loft architecture
Courtesy of thosepatternedwalls

In this picture, there is a family room that looks simple but interesting. Includes a tosca green sofa extending, elongated white cabinets, greenery, chandeliers, room lights, and televisions with shelves underneath. For bookshelves, you must climb the ladder in advance to pick up the book.

Industrial Design Loft Ideas

industrial design loft ideas
Courtesy of pinterest

This loft room transformed into a pretty nice bedroom. With a bed, a bookshelf lengthwise underneath, a white sofa, and a carpet. Then there are wooden floors, brick walls, and large windows that make the room look beautiful and attractive.

Industrial Design Loft Beams

industrial design loft beams
Courtesy of homedsgn

This room is a place to eat that looks quite comfortable. Including wooden flooring, wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden poles, and up to the ceiling are also made of neatly tiled wooden beams.

Industrial Design Loft Style

industrial design loft style
Courtesy of instagram

This room is a family room that looks classic and interesting. There are neatly gray sofas, two wooden round tables, a carpet as a base, and there are three photographs of paintings on the stone wall. In addition there is a ladder to get to the higher ground of the loft, which is a small garden containing several plants.

Industrial Design Loft Apartments

Industrial Design Loft Apartments
Courtesy of pinterest

In this bedroom look so simple but more interesting. In bedroom there are a bed, wood table with a racks under table, two chair, and than the glass door in beside the room.

Industrial Design Loft Studios

industrial design loft studios
Courtesy of lookslikewhite

The picture is a loft that transformed into a studio space that looks minimalist. There are three swivel chairs, two bins of wire baskets, wooden tables, and three chandeliers. In addition, a lot of goods or equipment needed in the studio, such as stationery, books, and others.

Industrial Design Loft Floors

industrial design loft floors
Courtesy of pinterest

In this picture, there is a bedroom located on the upper floor or can be called a loft. This bedroom looks very simple, with a bed of gray ash, a blue carpet as a base, and a small closet for the table, and some lights above. The floor of this room is made of neatly arranged wooden structures.

Industrial Dsign Loft Woods

industrial design loft woods
Courtesy of cabinporn

This room is a combination of kitchen and bed that looks natural. With floors, ceiling, wall hanging racks that are all original made from furniture. For the kitchen there is a toaster, sink, cooking place, hanging rack. And to get to the loft bed, you have to climb the stairs first. Stairs and guardrail loft made of iron. In the bedroom there is a bed with several hanging racks and windows.

Industrial Design Loft Stairs

industrial design loft stairs
Courtesy of luxurydecor

The room above is a loft that transformed into a simple room and nice penataanya. In the basement, there is a because chamber containing a gray sofa, a small wooden table, a white shelf, a lamp, and a television. In the bedroom there is a bed, a small cupboard, a table, and a wall with rectangular colored wallpaper.

Industrial Design Loft Bricks

industrial design loft brick
Courtesy of pinterest

The room is a living room that looks natural and classic. With original brick walls, several plants on the wood table and hanging racks, neatly arranged grey couches, and grey rugs. On the ceiling, this room use a wood with a white colour painted.

Industrial Design Loft Dreams

industrial design loft dreams
Courtesy of jurnaldedesigninterior

The room in this picture is the dream room of everyone. Loft which is dirubat to the family room containing a sofa of gray ash, small round table with lights on it. In addition there is a wooden rack under the right of the television. Behind the sofa there is a dining area containing two chairs and a round wooden table. In addition there is a curved wooden staircase to get to the top space of the loft.

Industrial Design Loft Beds

industrial design loft beds
Courtesy of desiretoinspire

In the picture, there is a loft room that made the bed look comfortable and simple. Includes bed and television only. Then down the wooden stairs, you can go directly to the bathroom, because the bathroom just below the loft that is used as a bed.

Industrial Design Loft Mezzanine

Industrial Design Loft Mezzanine
Courtesy of curbed

Loft in this room is a loft that is converted into a classic classic dining room. Including several white chair and wood tables joined. And on the brick wall there are look so natural and more interesting. Also when we go up, there is a living room with a television set, a small rattan wooden sofa, carpet rugs and plants.

Industrial Design Loft Rustic

industrial design loft rustic
Courtesy of cocokelley

In the picture, is a loft room that is converted into a kitchen and a place to eat. There are cooking halls, cabinets, toaster, hanging racks, hanging plants, some potted plants, white round tables, four wooden chairs around tables, brick walls, wooden floors and large windows.

Industrial Design Loft Big Windows

industrial design loft big windows
Courtesy of pinterest

In the picture, there is a lounge with folding chairs, a bed of ropes, a rug carpet, a small rattan basket, some plants in the window. The windows in this room are so large that you can see your entire outdoor environment extensively.

Industrial Design Loft Lighting

industrial design loft lighting
Courtesy of decoracion2

The image is a classic and simple kitchen. Contains several bar stools, wooden tables, wooden floors, white brick walls, cooking halls, covered and open shelves, and large windows.

Industrial Design Loft Staircases

industrial design loft staircases
Courtesy of pinterest

The picture above is a pretty interesting room. With integrated beds and workplaces. If you want to go to bed, there are wooden stairs to go. There is a very large window on the side of the room.

Industrial Dsign Loft Small Spaces

industrial design loft small spaces
Courtesy of pinterest

The picture above is an attic room that is transformed into a bedroom that looks comfortable with a curtain as a room cover. Below is a relaxing lounge with several sofas, photos, bookshelves, and some plants around it.

Industrial Design Loft Grey

Industrial Design Loft Grey
Courtesy of pinterest

In this picture, there is a family room and look so beautiful and classic. With a grey sofa, grey rug, circle table from wood furniture, and than a big window behind the sofa.

Industrial Design Loft Rugs

industrial design loft rugs
Courtesy of pinterest

The picture is a living room that looks minimalist and simple. With black and white motifs, rocking chairs, gray sofas, small round tables, chandeliers, hanging racks for storing clocks and books.

Industrial Design Loft House Tours

industrial design loft house tours
Courtesy of apartmenttherapy

It was a very nice bedroom. Includes wooden floors, beds, brick walls, carpets, and small tables. In addition, this room looks simple but more interesting.

Industrial Design Loft Home Office

industrial design loft home office
Courtesy of eclecticallyvintage

The picture is office space that looks classic and simple. Featuring an elongated wooden table, swivel chairs, hanging racks, documents, computers, wooden floors and eucalyptus walls.

Industrial Design Loft Glass Walls

industrial design loft glass walls
Courtesy of pinterest

The picture is a bed that looks beautiful and comfortable. With glass-like walls, glass doors such as windows, beds, stool bars, lamps and carpet rugs. White color is very attached to this room.

Industrial Design Loft Basements

industrial design loft basements
Courtesy of desiretoinspire

The picture was a very beautiful basement room, and looks fresh. With some plants, black sofa, wooden table, white cushion chair, two carpet rugs. Besides there is a place to eat.

Industrial Design Loft Desks

industrial design loft desks
Courtesy of beautifullivingstyle

The picture was a small but well-organized work space. Contains an elongated wooden table, two swivel chairs, a hanging shelf covered and open, some plants in the window and next to a sofa near the wall. And a wooden table by the window.

Industrial Design Loft Bachelor Pads

industrial design loft bachelor pads
Courtesy of pinterest

The living room in this picture looks minimalist and beautiful. With a blend of black, light brown, dark brown, white from the sofa, carpets, tables, brick walls, and all other objects.

Industrial Design Loft Sliding Doors

industrial design loft sliding doors
Courtesy of pinterest

The picture above is a relaxed family room. Featuring white tables, televisions, colorful patterned carpets, games, black sofas, and a white sliding door.

Industrial Design Loft Metals

industrial design loft metals
Courtesy of pinterest

The picture above the loft room which is used as a bed with room divider of metal and glass. As you descend the stairs, there is a living room containing a gray sofas, two round tables, plants, and a blue carpet with an abstract pattern.

Industrial Design Loft Fireplaces

industrial design loft fireplaces
Courtesy of nordicdesign

Picture above the outdoor living room. Including a brown sofa, a few plants and trees around, a wooden table and chairs around it for a place to eat. Also in the middle of the couch there are fireplaces are still natural and interesting.

Industrial Design Loft Railings

industrial design loft railings
Courtesy of nowandthan

The picture is a very simple living room. With a wooden table with a plant on it. In addition there is a gray ash sofa beside his desk. Black and white colors very closely in this room.

Industrial Design Loft Room Dividers

industrial design loft room dividers
Courtesy of pinterest

The room above is a work space that contains wooden hanging tables on walls, chairs, baskets, carpet rugs, and bookshelves as a room divider between the workplace and the bedroom.

Industrial Design Loft Converted Warehouse

industrial design loft converted warehouse
Courtesy of servicecentral

The room above is a very classic and vintage relax room. With wooden table, brown sofa from synthetic leather, locker room, bar stool, gantunng bike, with broken wall that has been damaged.

Industrial Design Loft Subway Tiles

industrial design loft subway tiles
Courtesy of escarabajosbichosymariposas

The room above is a kitchen that looks more fresh. With a cooking area, a sink, a hanging rack with some plants, bottles. For walls use white brick wallpaper.

Industrial Design Loft Layout

industrial design loft layout
Courtesy of pinterest

The room above is a bedroom that looks interesting. With beds, photos of fruit, chandeliers. And on the black staircase, there is a bathroom that looks simple and attractive, with some ornamental plants in front of it.

Industrial Design Loft Building

industrial design loft building
Courtesy of pinterest

The living room is a living room that looks minimalist, beautiful, and very interesting. With several sofas and black sofas, black tables, black carpets, and concrete floors. All the colors in this room are perfect.

Industrial Design Loft Ladder

industrial design loft ladder
Courtesy of sweetcarolineinthecity

The next picture is a very small and simple bedroom. With the room divider of some wood arranged, and to go to the living room, there is a very classic white ladder. In the living room there are gray sofas, wooden tables, chandeliers, black chairs, carpets, and some hanging racks.

Industrial Design Loft Cabinets

industrial design loft cabinets
Courtesy of instagram

And for this last picture, there is a combined kitchen and dining area. It contained a cooking area, a toaster, a wooden hanging rack, a wooden dining table, several chairs around the table, three chandeliers, and a sizable furniture cabinet in the corner.

That’s some kind of loft that can be used for various rooms that are more useful than the warehouse, which can be reused as a bedroom, kitchen, family room, and others. Maybe there are many more actually types or rooms that can dibangung in your home loft all, but here I’ve selected and filter from the best to the best. Therefore, the room type indsutrial design loft here is very good in the selection of images and explanations in the form of description. There are probably many shortcomings of this article, but here I have done my best to make this article desirable to you all. Therefore, I am very grateful to all of you who have visited this site and have applied what I provide in this article.