35+ Various Examples Of Table Design

Well, now I will discuss about how to create various tables, I think I will add my own latest project. Now a lot of table design is very unique and nice. Therefore, many architects are competing to design a table for sale. 

You may be wondering what the industry style for table design is. This is a fairly popular trend that is inspired by old factories and industrial spaces. It was born because more and more old warehouses, barns, churches and industrial buildings were converted into family rooms in recent years. This style is characterized by utilitarian surfaces, disarmed architecture and objects that have been saved. Almost in every industrial table design you will find wooden surfaces, open bricks, bare concrete elements, iron pipes and so on. The best thing about it is that during the renovation process you can leave some unfinished surfaces and could be an interesting decorating element.

Currently you can buy industrial furnitrue from many manufactures. It is usually decorated by rustic aesthetics and has a rugged mechanical part, a strong angle and a bold look. Although when you choose the industry for your interior, do not hesitate to go vintage as well. You can renovate many items from flea markets or even furniture, lamps and DIY accessories that are different from the beginning. Before working on a table design project, it is important to draw some inspiration for your future space. As fans break the conventional rules and combine the various design schools together, you will understand, although the examples below can not be denied by modern industry, they have modern medieval or boho elements introduced in the overall design.

With a beautiful industry table style is usually present in mind. That’s why it makes sense to look for creative design if you choose it for your desk. You can also leave the infrastructure open because it works for this style well. Now, here are 35+ best table designs.

Industrial design tables Living Rooms

industrial design tables living rooms
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Inside the living room must have a lot of furniture, one of which is the table. Here is a table design made of dark brown wood, with a height of less than one meter.

Industrial design tables Woods

industrial design tables woods
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The desk is often in random design, even before making it usually without a design first. This time I gave a wooden desk descriptions as well as chairs made of wood, and suitable for the place in a cafe.

Industrial design tables Brick Walls

industrial design tables brick walls
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A food stall is the choice of many people while being hungry. Here is a design for the dining table, with an interior design that applies the theme of a brick wall.

Industrial design tables Offices

industrial design tables offices
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If you are confused to create a desk for an office, this time I give you a design example for a desk in your office made of wood.

Industrial design tables Interiors

industrial design tables interiors
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Not all tables serve as a place to put food. There is also a table that is converted to function as a place to put the dead objects. Such as home decoration, personal items, cooking utensils, and others. The picture above is a table design that is in the interior.

Industrial design tables Spaces

industrial design tables spaces
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The dining table is suitable to be placed in a large enough space. Because the dining table is used by the crowd, so it takes a considerable space.

Industrial design tables Kitchens Islands

industrial design tables kitchens islands
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The picture above is a design of a kitchen table located on an island. Usually the kitchen table is made of concrete, so it is not easy to move anywhere.

Industrial design tables Rustic

industrial design tables rustic
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Wooden tables are usually designed with a fairly rough surface. Because wooden tables that rough surface can hold an object so as not to fall.

Industrial design tables Furniture

industrial design tables furniture
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This time is the design of a wooden table, with the addition of a wooden chair design. This table and chair stand is made of iron.

Industrial design tables Inspiration

industrial design tables inspiration
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The design of this one table is inspired from the billiard table. Where, the billiard table is used as a table to eat as well as a table to play billiard.

Industrial design tables Wheels

industrial design tables wheels

Very rarely the table is designed with the wheels underneath. Because of the function of the wheel itself, to make it easier to move the table. But there is a disadvantage as well, the table will move when used.

Industrial design tables Desks

industrial design tables desks
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The following is the design of the study table. This table is made of wood, coupled with a strong iron holder. With the learning light attached to the table.

Industrial design tables Pendant Lights

industrial design tables pendant lights
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Here is a design of the lights that are usually used in cafes. The hanging light is very popular with many people today. Because the shape is very unique and beautiful.

Industrial design tables Ideas

industrial design tables ideas
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The design of this one table is very unique. How not, this table is designed with a great idea. That is, this table can be removed and then installed again easily and quickly.

Industrial design tables Benches

industrial design tables benches
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The design of the tables and benches above are highly recommended for places such as food stalls or restaurants. These tables and chairs are made of wood, with a buffer made of iron.

Industrial design tables Legs

industrial design tables legs
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Before you create a boss from a table, you’ll want to design the framework of the table. Like the picture above framework design made of iron.

Industrial design tables Stools

industrial design tables stools
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Here is a table design that resembles a bag for me. This table is commonly used in places to eat, such as food stalls.

Industrial design tables Couch

industrial design tables couch
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If you want to watch television while you eat may require a table instead, the picture above is the design of the dining table and sofa in the television watching room.

Industrial design tables Loft

industrial design tables loft
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The picture above is the design of a research table located on the roof of the house. This table is tilted, and is used for writing and drawing.

Industrial design tables Lamps

industrial design tables lamps
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This time it is a light sleeping design that is placed on a wooden table. This lamp is made of steel pipe with added lamp cover on it.

Industrial design tables Home Decor

industrial design tables home decor
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The picture above is a home decor with added tables large enough to put food or something else. Besides that, there are many couches that circle in the room.

Industrial design tables Metal Chairs

industrial design tables metal chairs
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This table top is designed made of metal. With the added support or wooden table legs are very strong.

Industrial design tables Pipe Shelves

industrial design tables pipe shelves
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Well, this one is a table as well as a shelf. Usually used in the bedroom, to put a bed light, book, hp, or the other. The table and shelf stand are made of pipes.

Industrial design tables Restoration Hardware

industrial design tables restoration hardware
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The picture above is a table design made of wood, and the buffer is made of iron pipe. The concept of this table is restoration hardware.

Industrial design tables Windows

industrial design tables windows
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The design of this one table is very suitable to be applied to the living room. With the addition of a very large window and overlooking the yard or home plantation.

Industrial design tables Ceilings

industrial design tables ceilings
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This time I talked about the design of a wooden table, and about the decorative lights hanging over the table. This design is suitable for use in family dining room.

Industrial design tables West Elm

industrial design tables west elm
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The design of this one table is an ancient table design, which is shaped beams with a very small iron support. And this table is made of thick wood.

Industrial design tables Man Cave

industrial design tables man cave
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The design of the table and the room this one is suitable for people who like to be alone and do not want to be disturbed by others. This design is very unique, because it utilizes used goods to make it.

Industrial design tables Modern

industrial design tables modern
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This one table is the desk today. That is a table top made of thick glass, and a buffer made of iron or steel.

Industrial design tables Rugs

industrial design tables rugs
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For this one table is placed on a rug. The goal is that the foot of the table does not damage or scratch the floor.

Industrial design tables Night Stands

industrial design tables night stands
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Well, this one is a table design that is often placed in the bedroom. Its function is to put a small object or a light sleep. This table also has a drawer to store something valuable.

Industrial design tables DIY Projects

industrial design tables DIY projects
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This one table design is the result of a creative idea that emerges. This table is handmade, and this table is made of Pertamina vats. With painted green and with a buffer of iron.

Industrial design tables Bar

industrial design tables bar

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Bar table design today is very often used or applied to homes, cafes, offices and other places. Because of its unique design and very visible luxury.

Industrial design tables Basements

industrial design tables basements
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This time it was an office desk design that was in the basement. This design table is very strong and durable. Because this table is used for work, and holds many objects on it.

Industrial design tables Apartment Therapy

industrial design tables apartment therapy
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Therapeutic apartment is now a lot of devotees. Because the scenery and atmosphere is very soothing. The picture above is a table design located near the apartment window therapy.

Industrial design tables Bedrooms

industrial design tables bedrooms
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The table design is placed in this one bedroom, made of an oil vat. With black painted, this barrel is suitable for use in the bedroom, and used as a place to put something like a table.

Industrial design tables Concrete Floors

industrial design tables concrete floors
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This whole table is made of wood. Even the buffer in the design resembles a pencil. And with a floor made of concrete, and already mashed like ceramics.

Industrial design tables Sofas

industrial design tables sofas
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And the last is the design of a table that is between the couches. This table is circular and made of wood. Coupled with a floor that is covered with a rug on it.


A few articles from me today, thank you for reading. May it be useful for you and me too. Do not forget to share this article for many people who get benefits as well.