40+ Examples Of Bedroom Interior Design

Are you planning to update your bedroom décor, or maybe even start remodeling from the ground up? This article is about bedroom interior design! I have compiled a list of 40+ bedrooms that include a variety of industry-to-modern, eclectic to minimalist styles, and everything in between – a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for creative wall accenting ideas, different bed frame designs, or just want to see some neat color palettes or fresh decorative motifs, you’ll definitely find something to your sketchbook on one of these amazing design lists.

Although the bedroom is a private room that will be seen by far fewer people than your living room or kitchen, the room must be a sanctuary that is also stylish. Whether you want a traditional or industrial design, you will find the idea of ​​bedroom decoration to create the space of your dreams in the articles below from the Cleefacts archive. Best of all, you do not need a complete remodel to bring new life into your bedroom. As these rooms prove, some art is well placed, bold wallpapers, or even a fresh coat of paint can make space stand out.

Before you plan on buying furniture for your bedroom, you need to decide on several factors such as wall color, or bedroom wallpaper, and the type of floor you want. Try to choose a suitable color and will help you create a calm atmosphere and also compliment well with your bedroom furniture. Lighting needs to be chosen wisely too because the brightly lit bedroom is not sufficiently soothing, while the room with insufficient lighting will inhibit activities such as reading bedtime. Here are 40 more interior design bedrooms

Bedroom interior design Luxury

bedroom interior design luxury
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The first bedroom interior design is a design that has a subordinate in it. Because the bedroom is designed like a noble room. With enormous room size and luxurious double mattresses and glittering walls and roof. And there was a sofa in the bedroom and a giant mirror attached to the bedroom wall.

Bedroom interior design Modern

bedroom interior design modern
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Modern bedroom design is very popular among artists and entrepreneurs. Because they want to have a bedroom with a safe and comfortable design. With the addition of a long table and chairs, as well as a long mirror on the table.

Bedroom interior design Small

bedroom interior design small
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This one bedroom is designed for rooms that have a small space. With a bed of wood and a wide mattress, enough for two to three people to sleep there. And there is also a window that is near the bed directly facing out the house.

Bedroom interior design Contemporary

bedroom interior design contemporary
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Bedroom design with modern style one is suitable for use in large apartments. Because this bedroom takes up much space with the size of a bed that big. Plus, in the interior of the bedroom there is a decorative plants and pots are very large.

Bedroom interior design Master

bedroom interior design master
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The picture above is a room interior design for parents who already have children. Because the bedroom is designed to have a double mattress suitable for use by husband and wife. With the overall interior color is almost gray and white.

Bedroom interior design Cozy

bedroom interior design cozy
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This one bedroom design is intended for the convenience of customers. This design is suitable applied to the hotel, because it has comfort on the mattress. Such as fluffy blankets, soft mattresses, soft pillows, bed lights, and large mirrors.

Bedroom interior design Ideas

bedroom interior design ideas
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To design the bedroom above the results of his own ideas. This room succeeded in decorating in such a way just to satisfy yourself, because the design of this room comes from the idea of ​​yourself. Ranging from interior coloring, color blankets, mattresses, pillows, floors, carpets, and the provision of plants in the room.

Bedroom interior design Indian

bedroom interior design indian
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The picture above is an interior design bedroom with an Indian theme. Yes, with a curtained bed, carpeted floors, and a fireplace to warm the room. This room is entirely Indian-themed.

Bedroom interior design Architecture

bedroom interior design architecture
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This one bedroom is designed by an architect. No wonder this room looks very neat and luxurious. Decoration of this room may take a very long time. Due to the many decorations in this room.

Bedroom interior design Wood

bedroom interior design wood
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You must be familiar with the interior design of this room. Yes, this one room applies a wooden theme. That is to make almost all the furniture made of wood. Starting from the desk, chair, bed, and floor.

Bedroom interior design Wardrobe

bedroom interior design wardrobe
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This time is a wardrobe room design in a bedroom. The design of this room is very narrow, because on the left and front right there is a closet for clothes. Cabinets and floors were made of whole wood.

Bedroom interior design Men

bedroom interior design men
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You must be familiar with the messy bedroom. If the bedroom is always messy, it means the bedroom of a man. The interior design of male bedrooms has a color that is not so young, and does not have unique decorations. More likely to posters that are attached to the wall.

Bedroom interior design Space Saving

bedroom interior design space saving
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Room interior design above is a design to save space in the bedroom. Using a foldable bed and a cupboard or sofa.

Bedroom interior design Unique

bedroom interior design unique
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This unique interior design is located in a hotel abroad. This hotel room presents an interior design like the two of the world. Half the room has a lot of graffiti, and half the room is natural without paint.

Bedroom interior design Wallpaper

bedroom interior design wallpaper
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Wallpaper in a room is not very important. Because the wallpaper in the bedroom is just a decoration. If you want wallpaper in a room is not a problem. You can paste it on a wide wall.

Bedroom interior design Kids

bedroom interior design kids
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As you already know, that children’s bedroom is not big. Probably only 1/3 of the adult bedrooms. The design of this bedroom was only enough for one bunk bed, with two sofas at the bottom.

Bedroom interior design Hotel

bedroom interior design hotel
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The hotel is the traveler’s main destination. Therefore, this time I provide a design that is suitable for a hotel bedroom. With large jedela directly facing out the hotel, and double mattress and sofa to enjoy the view near the window.

Bedroom interior design Furniture

bedroom interior design furniture
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This one bedroom is only used to relax when tired of working. Because this one bedroom does not use a mattress, but the net is on top. For the bottom is used to work.

Bedroom interior design Brown

bedroom interior design brown
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This one bedroom design is themed brown. Almost everything in this room is brown. Starting from walls, floors, cabinets, blankets, pillows, carpets and wooden chairs.

Bedroom interior design Bright

bedroom interior design bright
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This one bedroom is designed not to get darkness, because there are so many windows on the roof, walls, and doors that use glass. At night, this room will also be bright. Because this bedroom has a lot of lights.

Bedroom interior design Girls

bedroom interior design girls
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The picture above is a bedroom design for girls, because these rooms mostly use bright colors and women themed.

Bedroom interior design Decor

bedroom interior design decor
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The picture above is a room interior design decorated in such a way to look attractive. With a wicker decoration of rattan curved upwards.

Bedroom interior design Ceiling

bedroom interior design ceiling
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This time is a ceiling design on a bedroom that is on the top floor or attic. If the bedroom is in the attic, the ceiling is pyramidal. Therefore, you can replace the ceiling into a large window, in order to see the scene outside the house from above.

Bedroom interior design Purple

bedroom interior design purple
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The interior of this room has a lot of furniture, ranging from mirrors, mattresses, pillows, bolsters, blankets, glass tables, wooden tables, bed lights and photographs. Also, the bedroom has a purple concept, with a whole purple wall.

Bedroom interior design Light

bedroom interior design light
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The design of this one bed lamp is quite unique. Due to this one light sleeping from the roof of the room. And also this light shaped like a balloon.

Bedroom interior design Green

bedroom interior design green
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This one bedroom design has a green theme. Starting from the walls are dark green, the plants on the table, and the book is green.

Bedroom interior design Boy

bedroom interior design boy
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As I said in the previous article, the interior design of male bedrooms does not have much decoration and decoration. Almost 80% natural and not strange. It’s just that the boy’s bedroom is sometimes a mess.

Bedroom interior design Single

bedroom interior design single
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This one bedroom design is for one person only. Due to the mattress and the size of the room is very narrow. Coupled with a chair for work.

Bedroom interior design Loft

bedroom interior design loft
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This time is a bedroom interior design that is in the attic. This bedroom does not have a door, but has a very large window.

Bedroom interior design Vintage

bedroom interior design vintage
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This bedroom design uses a vintage theme. Yes, this theme mostly applies wood for its furniture. Such as doors, windows, floors, roofs, cabinets, chairs, beds, and tables.

Bedroom interior design Simple

bedroom interior design simple
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This one bedroom is one of the simplest. Because the interior of this room is very quiet, do not even have any decoration, There is only carpet, wooden bed, and mattress.

Bedroom interior design Minimalist

bedroom interior design minimalist
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Bed design this one is to minimize a room. Because this bed can be folded and then converted enable to be a place to learn.

Bedroom interior design Creative

bedroom interior design creative
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This one bedroom is quite creative. Due to the mattress that is shaped like a ladder, ie one bed has three mattresses.

Bedroom interior design Apartement

bedroom interior design apartement
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Apartment bedroom with double mattress, sofa, glass table and work desk is perfect for you who want to relax.

Bedroom interior design Classy

bedroom interior design classy
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This one bedroom is very classy, ​​which can only be used by the upper class. How not, this room is designed like a king and queen bed room. With an unusually large bedroom and mattress size.

Bedroom interior design White

bedroom interior design white
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The picture above is a bedroom design with a white concept. Almost all use white, ranging from doors, walls, mattresses, floors, and carpets.

Bedroom interior design Classic

bedroom interior design classic
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This classic bedroom design is suitable for the traveler who has many friends. Because this room is in the design has many mattresses in the room. Maybe this is a design suitable for a classic hotel. With almost whole interior made of wood.

Bedroom interior design Cosy

bedroom interior design cosy
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The picture above is a bedroom design that can be spelled out very comfortable, because the mattress is soft and warm, and the window is right on this mattress. With sufficient lighting in the morning, make this bedroom warm every day.

Bedroom interior design Romantic

bedroom interior design romantic
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Many newly married couples want a special honeymoon. From room decoration to bedding decoration. This time is the interior decoration of the bedroom that already has a romantic concept. With yellow light illumination.

Bedroom interior design Warm

bedroom interior design warm
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The bedroom is in need of warmth, therefore I provide a warm interior bedroom design. With feathered quilts and pillows, and candles on the table, making this room feel warmer.

Bedroom interior design Teenage

bedroom interior design teenage
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As I know, teenage rooms today have more decorations than parents’ bedroom. Like having tumblr lights, photos with friends on the wall, plants on the study table, and others.

Bedroom interior design Rustic

bedroom interior design rustic
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Actually rough design in a bedroom is rarely used by people. Because a rough will be easier to harm than smooth. Examples include wooden walls, wooden floors, and wooden roofs.

Bedroom interior design Inspiration

bedroom interior design inspiration
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This one bedroom is inspired by a wood carving. Which, the part of the bedroom wall is carved in the opposite direction and erratic. Coupled with hanging lights and a beautiful double mattress.

Bedroom interior design Black

bedroom interior design black
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Actually the bedroom design is entirely dark in color is not good. So this time I give interior design bedroom with mixed color between black, white and gray. Starting from the color of the walls, pillows, mattresses, blankets to other furniture.

Bedroom interior design Grey

bedroom interior design grey
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As I said before, if the bedroom is very dark the color is not good. So I will give you an interior picture of bedroom with gray and white color.

Bedroom interior design Window

bedroom interior design window
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Bedroom design this time has a large window on the wall. The goal is that when you wake up, immediately look out into the green and beautiful home. In order for your eyes to be healthier in the future.

Bedroom interior design Children

bedroom interior design children
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This time is a bedroom interior design for children. Lots of pillows in the form of animals. Even the bed was shaped like a home frame.

Bedroom interior design Industrial

bedroom interior design industrial
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And the last is the interior design bedroom with an industrial theme. You must already know with this one theme. Certainly not far from the wall in the form of bricks and wooden floor.


Well, so many articles this time about the interior design of the bedroom. May be useful for you and for me. Thank you for reading this article, and do not forget to share this article.