Ways To Make The Interior With The Best Design

I know you may have reached this article for inspiration to imitate industrial design interior. You will get more than that. Modern interior decor today brings the concept of open living to the next level. The design of the room and its accessories define most of the space and purpose they serve. Industrial interior design ideas tend to be minimalist, there is plenty of room to make it even more beautiful by contrasting high gloss metal coatings with cabinets, tables, and rustic or vintage furniture. Have inspiration from the images you find, like magazines and online sources. The more you research and plan those desires, the more likely you are to execute them in reality.

Interior design is needed by everyone, therefore I will make an article about interior design. Various kinds of interior design that I will discuss this time, maybe there are 30 more that I will give along with the picture. Anything you need to decorate, anything you want to decorate. Everything you’re looking for will be in my article. Enjoy the article I created, and do not forget to share this article so many also receive the benefits of reading this article.

Industrial design interior Living room

industrial design interior Living room
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The existence of a soft sofa and table made of wood and some of the walls are still a brick is very popular interior design industry space. Many choose to beautify the living room with a design like the picture above.

Industrial design interior Bedroom

industrial design interior bedroom
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Brick walls are generally preferred for industrial-style homes, which are usually large and open. Such designs help bring the warmth of pipes and metal ducts. And bring the impression of nature in the bedroom.

Industrial design interior Office

industrial design interior office
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The floor that looks still shiny and made of ceramics make this place memorable beautiful. Building materials that still use wood, making the design of this place as a room that has calmness. Workers or employees become comfortable with this design.

Industrial design interior Concrete

industrial design interior concrete
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The design of this one room is about nature. Because the room is in the yard, then a lot of plants. The floor also uses pebbles that make the atmosphere of this place like in nature.

Industrial design interior Restaurant

industrial design interior restaurant
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Interior design for this one restaurant is very good. Because the decor is so comfortable, the walls have not been painted and the number of sofas used as seats. Make this interior design the most comfortable.

Industrial design interior Kitchen

industrial design interior kitchen
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The interior design of the kitchen above is very beautiful and enthused by many people. Because of its minimalist design, most people choose to imitate it. The floor is still a wooden theme, and also the table and chair as well. Although not spacious, but still comfortable to use.

Industrial design interior DIY

industrial design interior DIY
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This one interior design is the result of the craft. Use old tree trunks, and take advantage of unused wood for bookcases. This design is suitable for the corner. I think this is a pretty unique and beautiful interior design to follow.

Industrial design interior Modern

industrial design interior modern
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For this interior design, categorized as a modern design. Due to the materials used to design any of the modern materials. Like a mountain bed, materials metals, lights, and others. This design is suitable for you who really liked the modern era.

Industrial design interior Rustic

industrial design interior rustic
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I give wooden rung designs, because a stair design is indispensable for multi-storey houses. The material was of old wood that still looks beautiful. Why from wood? Because most people prefer a nature-themed house to be more pleasing to the eye.

Industrial design interior Home

industrial design interior home
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The next is a home interior design that makes almost all parts of the house visible. Like living room, kitchen, and family room. Except for the bedroom and bathroom. This design is suitable for you who have villas in the mountains and countryside. Because the villa is very rarely visited by the neighbors.

Industrial design interior Bar

industrial design interior bar
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For those of you who may have a bar in the house or even have a bar business, this one interior design is suitable for example. With vintage-themed designs, such as brick walls, wooden tables and chairs, and wooden flooring as well.

Industrial design interior Furniture

industrial design interior furniture
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With this can be spelled out very simple, ranging from walls, tables, chairs, even photographs on display on the wall. Suitable for interior design in cafe. The design also looks more comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Industrial design interior Habitacion

industrial design interior habitacion
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Well, this one is a design for the bedroom men or women. There are teradapat desks, chairs, trash cans, flowers in vases, stationery racks, photo frames and much more. The interior design of this room is quite beautiful, starting from the floor wrapped with carpet and fur.

Industrial design interior Cafe

industrial design interior cafe
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The interior design of this cafe is a vintage theme. Like wooden tables, wooden chairs, yellow lights, and brick walls. Suitable for a cafe that is often visited by one family to chat and buy coffee.

Industrial design interior Ideas

industrial design interior ideas
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For interior design this one has a theme that comes from the idea of ​​yourself. With a unique interior designed like this, adds an interesting impression when viewed by many people. Because there is a lamp made from a pipe and given a long lamp.

Industrial design interior Bathroom

industrial design interior bathroom
Courtesy of pinterest

The interior design of this one bathroom is suitable for you who like to soak. Since there is a bathtub to soak, there is also a place to shower using the shower. There is also a glass and sink for toothbrush and face wash. Floors and walls were designed very comfortable to use.

Industrial design interior Loft

industrial design interior loft
Courtesy of pinterest

The interior design of this loft is suitable for you who have a spacious attic. As an example of the above design, the attic is used as a bedroom, family room, even also has a kitchen. The design is also themed vintage, wooden floor, unpainted walls, and others.

Industrial design interior Store

industrial design interior store
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The interior design of this one store is perfect for you who want to give a natural impression to the buyers. Such as making a place for plants in pots, making a shelf for items to be displayed, and others. You can also add pillows, books, antiques, plants and more to the shelves you have made.

Industrial design interior Open Concept

industrial design interior open concept
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This one interior design themed open. Such as a dining room, living room, family room, kitchen, and work space. Usually this design is suitable for you who have a villa on the hill. Because of its open concept, this design is suitable for a villa. You can also plant a hanging plant on the roofs of the villa, to make it look natural.

Industrial design interior Retail

industrial design interior retail
Courtesy of pinterest

If you want to open a small shirt distro, this interior design might be perfect for you example. The interior is still arguably vintage themed, because the tables and chairs are still made of natural wood. The color is still natural, painted with a bright color. You can also sell all the accessories here.

Industrial design interior Wall

industrial design interior wall
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This interior wall design is perfect for you who are short of funds. With a wall that is still a brick, this is the main attraction for guests who come to your home. Because with the wall design is still a brick, will be more natural and natural impression. And also you can add carpet from animal skin if able to buy it.

Industrial design interior Shop

industrial design interior shop
Courtesy of pinterest

Well, I also provide interior design for you who own a clothing store. If you see, this design is very luxurious and interesting to visit the upper class. There will be many visitors who come, because the design of the place is so interesting. Wood floors, wooden-themed walls, and well-ordered clothes will attract many buyers.

Industrial design interior Apartments

industrial design interior apartments
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If you buy an apartment and want to redesign, I give you an example to design your apartment. There are sofas, lights above the dining area, work table, plants, and also walls that look natural.

Industrial design interior Inspirations

industrial design interior inspirations
Courtesy of pinterest

I also provide interior design that comes from self-inspiration. Like a place to relax with a cushioned sofa, a worded frame, a lamp hanging on the roof, and a table for putting books together. This place fits closer to the window, to make it more soothing and soothing impression.

Industrial design interior Lighting

industrial design interior lighting
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If you like the places with lots of lights, I also provide an interior design for the place. With so many lights hanging on top and writing lights, perfect for photo-taking. Suitable also for a place to chat with your friends.

Industrial design interior Decor

industrial design interior decor
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If you are a person who loves decorating a room, this time I also provide interior design with decoration decoration concept. Giving lights hanging, chairs, tables, flowers in a vase, with a very natural room color.

Industrial design interior Small

industrial design interior small
Courtesy of pinterest

Interior design can not only be used in vast places, it can also be in a small place. Above is the design of an interior with a minimalist place. The picture above uses a small place as a place of work or study. With a window that directly leads out of the house, making this place seem cool. Wooden tables and chairs, convex mirrors, study lights, and gray walls. The concept is vintage.

Industrial design interior Studio

industrial design interior studio
Courtesy of pinterest

If you have a photo studio and are confused to look for the design, I have a sample image for you to use. The interior design of this studio concept office, so requires a fairly large room. Plenty of desks for employees, sophisticated computers, and also a place to take pictures. With plus a comfortable chair, certainly your employees will feel at home working.

Industrial design interior Entrance

industrial design interior entrance
Courtesy of pinterest

Interior design for entrance and exit is suitable for you who have a clothing store or boutique. Because the design is indeed suitable for a store, or you can also use it for your home. This door is 80% glass and 20% iron buffer for glass.

Industrial design interior Commercial

industrial design interior commercial
Courtesy of pinterest

This one interior design is suitable to be applied in a company. Because the design is so interesting and side by side can make employees more easily communicate.

Industrial design interior Chric

industrial design interior chric
Courtesy of pinterest

Interior design is special for the dining room in the kitchen. With a floor made of ceramics and modern kitchen appliances, this interior design can be said of modern design. There are also lights hanging above the dining table for lighting.

Industrial design interior Scandinavian

industrial design interior scandinavian
Courtesy of pinterest

For you who live in Scandinavian, I think it is appropriate to use this interior design in your home. With the concept of vintage, making this house look like high-value houses.

Industrial design interior Stainless Steel

industrial design interior stainless steel
Courtesy of pinterest

For interior design this one I give to the kitchen. Because this design uses stainless steal as its ingredients. Kitchen appliances use stainless steels more than others.

Industrial design interior House

industrial design interior house
Courtesy of pinterest

 This one interior design shows almost all parts of the house. Starting from the top of the house that has a swimming pool, living room, family room, and others. You can also imitate it, if your house is enough for a design like this.

Industrial design interior Lobby

industrial design interior lobby
Courtesy of pinterest

For design this time not about home, but about interior design for company, hotel and office. The interior design of this lobby is devoted to vintage-themed hotels. Because it is very clearly visible that the concept in the interior lobby in the form of vintage.

Industrial design interior Vintage

industrial design interior vintage
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Vintage interior design is the ideal design of upscale people. They prefer the home concept as it is more soothing than the house design that has many colors. Usually vintage interior design has a lot of furniture made of wood, ranging from tables, chairs, stairs, floors, doors and cupboards.

Industrial design interior Architecture

industrial design interior architecture
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The interior design of this one is the structured design of an architect. Like the picture above, very neat and perfect is not. You can also imitate the design for home, at the cafe, shop, and others.

Industrial design interior Ceiling

industrial design interior ceiling
Courtesy of pinterest

Interior design this one is not showing the bottom, but the roof. If you have a place to eat or cafe, you can give lights that hang on the roof. Because it will be the main attraction for the buyers.

Industrial design interior Man Cave

industrial design interior man cave
Courtesy of pinterest

This interior design is a bar type, but that’s not what I mean. This design is suitable for men who have a bar or a drink in his home. You can also apply it in your home. The concept is almost the same as vintage, but more natural.

Industrial design interior Showroom

industrial design interior showroom
Courtesy of pinterest

Interior design showroom this one is perfect for you who have a small company. This place is usually used when chatting with guests. With a comfortable chair, soft floors, and a quiet atmosphere.

Industrial design interior Window

industrial design interior window
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This one window design is perfect for you who have a workplace near the window. Because the workplace near the window is better, than in a very closed place. With large windows, natural walls, and glossy floors you may feel comfortable with this design.

Industrial design interior Table

industrial design interior table
Courtesy of pinterest

Next, I provide an interior design with a table theme. Where I give the design a room with a table made of wood, wooden chairs, and wooden floors. Many people believe if the furniture is made of wood, then the house will feel very warm.

Industrial design interior Coffee

industrial design interior coffee
Courtesy of pinterest

If you have a cafe and only provide coffee drinks, I have an interior design that is suitable for your use. As the picture above, with a hanging lamp, wooden tables, and walls are still natural to make its own charm for the visitors.

Industrial design interior Hotel

industrial design interior hotel
Courtesy of pinterest

If you own a hotel and want to decorate like a 5-star hotel, I have a solution. Above is the interior design of the hotel is quite luxurious. Plenty of sofas everywhere, the floor was given a fine carpet, like a king’s house. And there is also a towering plant inside.

Industrial design interior Library

industrial design interior library
Courtesy of pinterest

For this one design is perfect for you who are nerdy. Because the interior design is intended for people who have a library in his home. Instead of buying a closet, it’s better to make a high shelf for all the books you have.

Industrial design interior Beds

industrial design interior beds
Courtesy of pinterest

Bed interior design is also suitable for use in children’s room. With a multi-level mattress, it will save space. Giving a soft carpet by the bed and a loveseat for sitting.

Industrial design interior Style

industrial design interior style
Courtesy of pinterest

For this interior design, follow the style of his house. If your house is a vintage theme, then it is perfect to imitate interior design like this. With all-brown furniture, make your home interior very interesting.

Industrial design interior Simple

industrial design interior simple
Courtesy of pinterest

Simple interior design is very suitable to be applied in private work space. Like giving a desk, chair, computer and little furniture that fit in the room and needed.

Industrial design interior Wood

industrial design interior wood
Courtesy of pinterest

Especially for the interior design of this one, all the furniture is made of wood. Starting from the table, chairs, cupboard, floor and others. Unfinished furniture for cooking, which is required to use aluminum. Suitable also used for in other room.

Industrial design interior Shelves

industrial design interior shelves
Courtesy of pinterest

For the last interior design can be used in the room or any other space. Because in the form of a furniture that can decorate all the room. Like putting books on shelves, candles, plastic plants, and others.


A few articles that themed interior design from me, may be useful for you and me too. Look forward to the next article I will make, Thank you.

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